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Standard Services was established in 1989. In the very beginning it started the work in building transportation as a local product and increased its growth day by day.

In the early 20th century, Standard Services took a step into a new life by start- ing the import in the field of building transportation i.e. Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks from China in correspondence with ”Giant Elevators Co. Ltd.” After joint-venturing between Giant and Kone “Giant from China and Kone from Finland”,adopt EN81 standard for export.We started import from “Giant Kone Elevators Co. Ltd.” and installed above 200 units in multiple cities of Pakistan.

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Standard Services commitment to Service Excellence assures preventive maintenance programs for your elevators and escalators that will keep your equipment running safely and reliably. With industry leading technology and highly trained technicians, Our Service Excellence means fewer callbacks and fewer inconveniences for your tenants or guests.

No other service company can offer these integrated benefits.

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