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PC Tools

PC Tools

PdivBuyers (7 days after install)divh3Commandh3h3File formath3tabletheadtrthstrongFieldstrongththstrongFormatstrongththstrongOptionalstrongththstrongExamples amp; notesstrongthtrtheadtbodytrtdDatetdtdYYYY-mm-ddtdtdNOtdtdpDate the user visited your store listingppbNote:b Adding unique Store Listing Visitors across several days will result in a higher number of Store Listing Visitors than what you see in weekly or monthly cohort views.

Weekly and monthly cohort views count each visitor once, even if they visit multiple times. ptdtrtrtdAcquisition ChanneltdtdStringtdtdYEStdtdpPresent for "Acquisition channel" dimensionppstrongNotestrong: "Play Store (organic)" channel is the sum of "Play Store (organic) search" and "Play Store (organic) browse. " To avoid double-counting visitors in this report, ignorenbsp;either the total "Play Store (organic)" row or both search and browse rows.

, PC Tools

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PC Tools

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