About Standard Services

Standard Services at a Glance

Standard Services was established in 1989. In the very beginning it started the work in building transportation as a local product and increased its growth day by day.

In the early 20th century, Standard Services took a step into a new life by start- ing the import in the field of building transportation i.e. Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks from China in correspondence with ”Giant Elevators Co. Ltd.” After joint-venturing between Giant and Kone “Giant from China and Kone from Finland”,adopt EN81 standard for export.We started import from “Giant Kone Elevators Co. Ltd.” and installed above 200 units in multiple cities of Pakistan.

In the end of 2011 the above mentioned company winded up exporting complete units to overseas agencies except parts then Standard Services introduced the new brand SWORD in correspondence with “Xizi-Otis-SWORD Elevator Co. Ltd.” . SWORD and XIZI-OTIS share the same management and the same standard of elevators.

We are still Sole agent of “Giant Kone Elevators Co. Ltd.” in parts and “Xizi- Otis-Sword Elevators Co. Ltd” in complete units respectively.

CEO Message

Aiming to achieve growth through

“Creativity” and “Innovation”

The world in which we do business is changing rapidly. At Standard Services, we are responding by increasing the speed and vigor of management, so as to get the very best from Sword Elevators technological product development and manufacturing capabilities. Through proactive management, we aim to achieve further growth with enhanced profitability and greater financial robustness.

Standard Services’ vision is the realization of a “Human Smart Community” through an emphasis on Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks. In these three areas, we will strive to resolve issues and achieve a “Safe, Secure and Comfortable Society” where people always come first.

We are making efforts and will strive to make efforts continuosly to provide services according to customers needs.